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Actually, nerd quirk #136.5: knowing that the former is not any more correct than the latter, no matter what elementary school english teachers tell us.

I love school supply shopping. I also could spend forever looking at pens...they have to be fine point and those are hard to find!

In definitely both. So much love for gadgets and I'm definitely a Mac but I'm also in love with academics and scifi/fantasy.

i almost spit water all over my keyboard...

I loved Chemistry, even University level Chem and organic Chem in the lecture room with the paper airplanes stuck in the ceiling.

For those that wish you had an apple. Do It Yourself Kit: Converts Any Windows Based Laptop Into a Apple MacBook Pro.

Neon Nerd Print - Why Must You Say Nerd Like it's a Bad Thing - Rainbow Multicolor Typography Modern Print. $15.00, via Etsy.

"You add words to the Microsoft Word dictionary because you cannot stand those little lines that tell you you're wrong." So glad I'm not the only one!! :)

"Nerd Quirk #10: Spending a ridiculous amount of time and characters typing all of your text messages in flawless grammar and not regretting it in the slightest, because it's worth it." I wouldn't say it's a *ridiculous* amount of time!

So much excitement. It’s even better when a teacher or someone you know uses one of your favorite words, then you can bond over it :p Thanks to the anon that sent this in!