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Help For Holiday Depression

Depression sucks. While that is not the most clinical statement, it is true. It sucks joy and color out of our days, our work, our relationships, our life, leaving in its place something painful and confusing, even shameful and isolating.

Why Animals May Help With Depression | Animals may be helpful for depression in more ways than being cute and cuddly to raise our spirits. Find out how animals really help ease depression. Read this.

Art Journaling HOW-TO get started #1 by adoreHIMcreations. So very helpful. Also includes using magazine pics, painting, and other techniques.

Photo (eat & love)

Hey Doctor Please help me! This is not the life I want! Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness

Christians and Depression: A Biblical Perspective of How You Can Help

Christians & Depression: A Biblical Perspective of How You Can Help | Satisfaction Through Christ | Depression is a delicate subject, but there is help and no one is alone. Here's how...