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    This photo of @SabiSabiReserve during @earthhour truly captures the essence of incredible stars in the African sky! #sky #starts #relax #Africa

    Lights Out by YouTube team. I really appreciate the concept of adding a switch on their page to elicit awareness for #EarthHour

    WORLD PREMIERE - the #EarthHour 2013 Official Video. Soundtrack: David Guetta, 'Without You' ft. Usher

    The statue of Christ the Redeemer is seen after the lights are switched off for #EarthHour 2012 in #Rio de Janeiro. (Source: pubertad)

    Lights out GIF from #Jakarta #Indonesia

    Korea showing the world how to do a real flash mob. We love this...

    Never forget this moment during Earth Hour 2012 - a tweet from Nelson Mandela, who yesterday turned 94.

    "La plataforma de videos se sumó a la campaña global de la Hora del Planeta y hoy da la oportunidad a los usuarios de apagar la luz del sitio si así lo desea." This year you could virtually switch the YouTube background to black to support Earth Hour. It also linked to our IWIYW platform where people can Dare the World to Save the Planet. Head to for more info

    La Hora Del Planeta - we love our South American warriors!

    El concierto de Kevin Johansen+The Nada en la Hora del Planeta. Clap clap!

    This is the new HQ for Earth Hour Global! So excited to be here

    London calling!

    Earth Hour fun infographic

    Earth Hour Global has just moved its HQ from Sydney (where this image was taken) to Singapore!

    Nice shot! Where was this one taken?

    Always beautiful to see it with its lights off in March...

    WWF says 2.8 million people in Hong Kong participated in the year’s Earth Hour event, according to a survey conducted by TNS. The majority of participants showed commitment to sustainable living beyond the hour, with all Earth Hour participants pledging to take future action toward a more sustainable living. Around 77% said they would turn off lights when not in use, 64% would replace old light bulbs and 61% would turn off appliances when not being used.

    As a record 441 cities and towns prepared for lights out in Canada, we shared this exclusive image of beautiful wave patterns on the Canadian side of Lake Erie. Lights were dimmed at famous landmarks such as Niagra Falls and the CN Tower, and Toronto hosted a concert where singer/songwriter Andrew Huang performed an Earth Hour anthem, with lyrics written by crowd sourced Facebook submissions.

    The Amazon rainforest as seen from space - this image was shared exclusively with the Earth Hour community as Hora Do Planeta hit Brazil on March 31. This year, the Rio+20 Earth Summit will take place between 20 - 22 June 2012, focusing on sustainable development poverty eradication; and the institutional framework for sustainable development. Kumi Naidoo from Greenpeace International will dye his beard green for Rio+20 because 10,000 people accepted his IWIYW challenge to support Earth Hour.

    This image of light infiltration in the Alps was shared with the Earth Hour community on March 31, as the hour of inspiration made its way across Europe. André Kuipers observed the lights going off from the International Space Station. Earth Hour 2012 took place in 152 countries and territories and nearly 7000 cities and towns - the biggest growth for the campaign since 2009. This is our planet - what are you willing to do to protect it?

    This image of Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia was shared just as the world’s largest country kicked off its first Earth Hour celebration for 2012. The event took place 9 different times in Russia, as the clocks reached 8:30PM in the various timezones. Organisers say some 15 million Russians took part this year, 40 per cent more than in 2011. These images were shared to celebrate astronaut André Kuipers observing the world switch off from the International Space Station.

    Earth Hour went to space for the very first time in 2012, with astronaut André Kuipers observing the hour of darkness from the International Space Station. This image of a salt lake in the Australian Outback was shared as Sydney, Earth Hour’s home city, switched off for the hour of inspiration. This is the reason we do Earth Hour every year, to protect the one thing that unites us all - the planet.

    Prayer for the world at Lumbini, Nepal during Earth Hour 2012

    Coin Store and WWF Italia created a campaign for Earth Hour 2012 - 'Peccatori Verdi' or 'Green Sin'. What is yours?