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    • MoniQ

      kicking myself for not seeing it on my own... MINDBLOWN

    • Melanie Seago

      The Torchwood Institute was originally established by Queen Victoria. Torchwood was set up to defend the Earth against alien threats but it’s secondary purpose was the keep the Doctor away.

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    pinner says: OMG, I know Timothy Dalton played Rassilon and I now know he played James Bond, and I know that James Bond is one character who has been played by several different actors, and I'm pretty sure I've heard jokes about James Bond being a Time Lord, but omg, I never put all the pieces together like this! It makes perfect sense. :)

    I seriously think this every time the beast changes! It looks exactly like a regeneration!!

    The British theory is, Americans point guns to whatever is weird or not normal. But who would ever want to shoot the Doctor??!!!

    Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, TARDIS!

    Anatomy of a Dalek Now, what would be an awesome idea is if we could develop an "Operation" styled board game with a Dalek instead of a human that screams "exterminate" whenever you screw up.

    when the 10th doctor appeared on Doctor Who, I thought he looked creepy because he reminded me of Barty Crouch Barty Crouch Jr looks nice because reminds me of the tenth doctor (look-wise of course)

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    Daleks have found love at last. I want to flirt with a Dalek now!

    Give the Doctor a hand- OMG the five minutes from the christmas special!!!

    WOAH. Or, technically, a younger version...

    He erased himself from every database in the universe, including Shakespeare plays.

    I... I would be alright with that. (Note to self: don't lose watch.)