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Maybe not pink, probably blue or something / Kimono and yukata are considered as Japanese traditional clothes! And they are weared in the special festival all a year!

agoldthatactuallystays: Stoop kid is just happy to be venturing off the stoop today. what are YOU happy about today? If you can’t come up with anything ask Sirius and he will give you something to smile about. ☺️

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"There's nothing interesting about looking perfect—lost the point. You want what you're wearing to say something about you, about who you are." - Emma Watson // Fashion Advice

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rendering fabric | I am more into rendering as illustration, like this image. We know things wrinkle, but how do you represent that? Wrinkles aren't hard lines, they're about volume and shadow, yet a few ink strokes will instantly become recognizable as folds and imply volume and form. Without them, you get into cartooning, but that is also an accessible form of communicating (just communicating something else)