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2017 "Get It Together" Challenge (& My Goals

Feel motivated to live better this year? Join myJanuary Jumpstart for tips, tools and strategies to make this your best year yet! -- from

My 5 Simple Steps to Your Best Year Ever

5 Ways to make THIS Your Best Year Ever - Simple steps to take NOW for a beautiful, joyful, WONDERFUL year -- from

How to Stick to Your Goals to Achieve Them

Sticking with your goals or new year’s resolutions can be tough. You start out strong and then interest fades or you don’t make the progress you would like and soon those goals that were so important are just a distant memory. Don’t let that happen this year. Use these 7 tips to help you stick to your goals and achieve them. I know #7 was the key for me this past year, which one will help you the most?

How to stay disciplined and get a massive amount of stuff done

It’s one thing to load your to-do list with exciting projects and ideas, but quite another to actually accomplish that massive amount of stuff without being glued to your computer, heading straight for burnout city. Click for my tips to conquer your to-do list every day.

DIY Monogram Planter Tutorial

This extra large monogram planter will add some beautiful color to your front walkway! Built with cedar to withstand watering and weathering, plus you can easily re-plant when this season's blooms are done. Tutorial from Ellery Designs on

The Goal-Setting Tip that Changed My Life

There are so many different goal setting tips, but it’s hard to find one that actually works. This is a great new way to set goals that increases productivity as well gives meaning to your everyday talks. Bonus: it even has a planning worksheet.