Tooth fairy door :)

how to make a tooth fairy door!

Tooth Fairy Door The most exciting gift I have found for kids in a long time!

What a cute idea!

Tooth Fairy Door - the bucket is a good idea!

ten tooth fairy traditions and ideas

It's a toothfairy door! Instead of the scene, paint a sky & clouds, tell your little one that the toothfairy flies from door to door collecting teeth & putting money in. put a pocket there for the tooth & the money

cutest toddler bed ever

#DIY Children's grocery store- how neat! Or a little playhouse! Cute!

Door, stone door from fairy or gnome

This is too precious!!

DIY Fairy Light Vanity. Words my daughter will be taught: "I'M A PRINCESS AND THIS IS MY TIARA AND HERE IS MY PRINCESS ROOM!"

Upcycle an old dresser into a dress-up closet.

Tooth Fairy door! Perfect reason not to put it under the pillow and its cute to boot!

Use hair spray and glitter to make tooth fairy money. Need to remember this!

<3 bunk bed

use ribbon as curtains in kids rooms. cute!

10 tooth fairy traditions and ideas

old bookcase turned dollhouse

Coral and Tusk - mouse tooth fairy pillow

do this with first dance recital costumes and first baseball uniform. Cute!