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Friends Lines That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life. However, the best is missing. Rachel: Hey Chandler, Monica broke my seashell lamp. Chandler: Neat! I'm going to die alone! Rachel: OK, you win.

I love this so much.

The Golden Girls

Works for me.

This had me laughing out loud. Could it be butter? Let's find out!

Consistency: It's only a virtue if you're not a screwup.

Punny Animals


I want to be best friends with this man

all the time.

Lucy knows.

gilded thistle nut bowl

How to get a dog to eat.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) insisted in getting a statement from Officer PC Peach related to an altercation he had with a criminal. The problem is, PC Peach is actually a police dog. When CPS persisted with their demands to get a statement despite being told that PC Peach was a K9 officer, the department decided to send them the following statement they so badly wanted.

You tell him, Cindy!

I love this scene.

Preach, Leslie.

Hey, I know that exit!

I literally laughed out loud.

Ah, cats.

I agree, Michael.