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  • Emily

    Practical Theology for Women :: parenting advice for moms of infants and toddlers

  • Laura Campbell

    A letter to daughter I don't have. I liked what she wrote

  • Chrisha Dilley

    New Resources for parents of Autistic children

  • Gail Vaughn Wallace

    Fifty Shades of the Curse - great article on 50 Shades of Grey

  • Laurie Hagberg

    He is the sustenance, and everything else is only sprinkles on top. You can't live without sustenance. But sprinkles you can. If you get sprinkles and sustenance backwards, you'll never be satisfied. Envision yourself trying to fill up on sprinkles from a shaker meant to decorate cupcakes. That's us when we look to people or days to meet needs in us that are black holes only filled by an eternal, supernatural God.

  • Jackie Gilliam

    Practical Theology for Women - No bunny emotionaly driven Bible studies for women here!

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