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  • Rebecca H

    Eye Candy #4

  • Andrew Ryan Hesselbart- Matt10:16-23-

    Christian Bale <3 Batman! To FINALLY have Batman to share in love was beyond AMAZING! Hardest thing I do? See movies now alone as I look at the empty seat beside me & imagine Karen there after I gave birth to M's snuck in..I watched The Dark Knight Rises thinking how Bruce Wayne was outcast as Batman & made to take the fall for someone Gotham City looked up to who wasn't who he appeared to be.This is Karen & I now to church/family.Both good people but Karen is "hero" where we both should be.<3

  • Leonel Tego

    Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne #batman #christianbale

  • Lauren Padilla

    I imagine Christian Bale as Christian Grey. I mean, doesn't Grey almost seem the same as Bruce Wayne? Sign me up for THAT contract!

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I had spent weeks staring at the wall in my house out of depression because of things that had gone wrong and the choices I had made. When I read "The Machinist" (Maquinista, El (2004)), I just went, "Wow! This is perfect". I was having dreams about the character and I couldn`t stop thinking about it. I felt like this one was going to save my arse, and pull me out of the depressed state I had got into. - CB

Christian Bale is one of the most talented actors and one of my favorites as well. Truly spectacular.

christian heath ledgers death...worked together in Batman too!!! -ks

Already had a thing for Christian Bale... Before the Dark Knight there was Newsies... HOT!

Christian Bale - Because i first loved him in Little Women as Laurie, obviously. Because he's had such a tremendous career and because he's batman.

christian bale My choice for Christian Grey even though he is too old. ;)

Christian Bale, my crush for him got 10 times bigger when he visited the victims in Colorado from the shooting at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. ♥

Christian Bale. Goes unannounced to visit victims in the hospital after Colorado shootings. Exactly what he should have done. Now I am a huge fan.

Christian Bale. ummm ummm is all I can say. Wrap him up with a bow....Merry Christmas

Christian Bale - Two words: He's Batman. Twelve words: He's an incredible actor and does great in every role he gets.