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    Hipster Movie Poster Recreations - The Alternative Ghostbusters Posters are a New Look for a Classic (GALLERY)

  • Marce H

    Movie Quote Typographical Poster Art - Ghostbusters

  • Teresa Mears

    for the movie room

  • Aurelia Caetano

    Typography Movie Poster Ghost Busters

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I've been in love with this for over a year now. They stopped selling them for a while, but now that they're back, I must have.

Harold Ramis & Bill Murray as Spengler & Venkman in Ghostbusters

Goonies Jerod Gibson makes these really fun illustrations of popular movies using a silhouette and quotes from the movie

Ecto-1 part II of III by Staermose Posters (Ghostbusters)

Game/Movie room Posters - Ghost Busters

ALTERNATING RHYTHM is the use of alternating patterns or shapes that create a predictable flow to the design, as seen here with the "twisting" purple and white lines.

Ghostbusters - Movie Poster by Duke Dastardly

In case you're like the little girl in Zombieland and are among the few that have not seen Ghostbusters, this is the infamous scene where Sigourney Weaver's character gets dragged into the evil-dog-thing and possessed. And it scared the hell out of me as a kid. And yet, I think the set photo might actually be the creepier one here. Source: