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    Richat Structure(Mauritania), as seen from space.

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      Strange Place: “Eye of The Earth” Looking at the Richat Structure from space. Scientists originally thought it was a crater formed by a meteorite, but it was ruled out. It's in the middle of the Sahara Desert of West-Central Mauritania.

    • H AW

      Richat Structure, Mauritania You'll have to go to space to get a properly impressive view of Mauritania's Richat Structure, but don't worry, it'll be worth it. Satellite imagery reveals what looks like a giant eye staring up out of Africa's Sahara Desert. The going theory is that the 30-mile-wide circle is the result of the wind eroding a massive volcanic dome.

    • Yusufaky

      The Eye of Africa, Mauritania This place is found in the middle of the dry and barren Sahara Desert. The deeply eroded bowl stretches over 24 miles in diameter and is a sight to behold. This natural formation is so astounding that many scientists were lead to believe it’s formation was caused by an asteroid impact.

    • Bernhard A Kats MD

      The Eye of Africa - EYE OF AFRICA - MAURITANIA In the Sahara Desert of Mauritania. This natural phenomenon is a richat structure caused by the dome shaped symmetrical uplifting of underlying geology now made visible by millennia of erosion.

    • Amy H.

      This is a geological oddity known as the Richat Structure, aka the ‘Eye of Africa’ or Guelb er Richat. It lies in the middle of the Sahara desert, just outside of Ouadane, Mauritania. It is 40-50 km in diameter and its curious structure was first noticed from space; early astronauts used it as a geographical landmark when they passed over the Sahara.

    • Sharon Apple

      "The eye of Africa, Mauritania ~ From space this mysterious shape in the Sahara Desert in Mauritania, really looks like the human eye. According to one theory, the eye was created when a meteor fell on the earth, while others believe it is a trace of an underground nuclear explosion. Currently there is no country in the world that possesses weapons that can do nearly that much of a blast." | 10 NATURAL PHENOMENA OF THE WORLD – PART 2

    • Judy Henderson

      Since the beginning of space missions, the Earth’s bulls-eye caught the interest of astronauts in the otherwise featureless Sahara Desert. Over the years, it has become a landmark for astronauts. At first, the circular pattern was thought to have been a meteorite impact, but now the 31 mile wide bulls-eye, called the Richat Structure, is believed to be uplifted rock, a circular anticline, laid bare by erosion. Some people call this bulls-eye in the Sahara the “Eye of Africa.” [14 pics]

    • djboomerang59

      Eye of the Sahara Central Mauritania, Sahara Desert The Richat Structure, as it is more formally known, is not one of the official wonders of the world but this natural sight is most definitely wondrous. At 40 kilometres in diameter, this impressive geological structure can be seen from outer space and has been dubbed the Eye of the Sahara. A kimberlitic plug (a type of volcanic plug) has been found in the northern part of the structure and is estimated to be over 99 million years old.

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    NASA's Incredible Shot Of The Sahara. The eye of the Sahara The Richat structure, on the African continent, is visible from space thanks to its almost 50 km in diameter and called attention to its curious concentric rings. It is located in the desert of the Sahara, Mauritania, at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. It is believed that it is the product of the impact of a meteorite.

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