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A very nice message for someone suffering from pregnancy or infant loss, or even knowledge they cannot have children.

October is Child Loss Awareness Month... October 15th is the international day to remember all the angels in Heaven whether they left this earth due to miscarriage, stillbirth, sids, or for any other reason...

grief. Unless you have been through my pain don't u dare judge my way of grieving the loss of my son. Don't u dare tell me to get over it as this is something I will forever shed tears from and u have no idea how it feels and god forbid you should ever have to know what it feels like

Sunday May 6th 2012 To all the Momma's out there, I am thinking of you... I lost my sweet angel 6-19-10

It may take months and even years to realize it, but there is hope and a life to be lived even after a painful loss of a child.

I wish more people realized this. Grief is a very lonely place.

There is life after may just take a while!

funny how one suddenly wakes as if recovering from a bad hangover,the sky is bluer , the grass greener,things are funnier and you realize that you are smiling and laughing almost all the time.Suddenly you find your old self again.PL

(3) Miscarriage, stillborn and child loss

I think this also happens in a positive way when you meet people. They make such an impact that stays with you forever.

Infant loss. Some holes can't be filled. Drawing Digitally Altered 5x7 Original Art Print