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Peek-a-boo highlights- These vibrant purple highlights are layered and camouflaged within the red locks. It is perfect in the way that red and purple are complementary colors, and work together marvelously for this fiery look. I love these colors.

6-Short Hair with Long Bangs

Really Cool Pictures of Short Hair with Long Bangs

wanna give your hair a new look ? Full Fringe Hairstyles is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy Full Fringe Hairstyles, Find the best one for you,

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chocolate cherry brown hair--love this color! Someday I will get the guts to color my hair dark. Maybe when I find my first grey!

inverted blonde bob

Inverted Bob haircuts are a major source of styles to give you inspiration if you are trying to look for a new style this season. It is a complete reverse of Classic bob haircut or the length bob, which gives the genre the inverted bob name.

styles of pixie cuts - Google Search

I really want to cut my hair short again, but I've waited so long to grow my hair out. And I like this cut, though I think I'd prefer the piece in front of the ear to be tapered to a point (more pixie style) than the straight line that is shown here.

25 Short Straight Hairstyles 2013 – 2014 | Short Hairstyles 2014 | Most Popular Short Hairstyles for 2014

25 Short Straight Hairstyles 2013 – 2014

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peek a boo blue hair in a pixie cut Campbell this looks nice with brown instead of dark hair. But with purple color

Capelli mossi two

If you want to try a short curly hairstyle we have collected some of the best so go ahead flaunt yourself. Here are some crazy 24 short curly hairstyle.

Sharply angled bob for wavy hair

Inverted asymmetrical wavy blonde bob // Thing I might do to my hair. Not blonde though