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    • Saskia Pinas

      DIY: How to propagate succulents. A – “pinching out.” for multiple cuttings or multi-headed plant. B – optimal for creating a new plant from the top part and forcing new shoots; leave few leaves on stem C – deadheading.plant will root easily; stem won’t develop shoots;can slowly die D – Cutting lower on the stem creates longer stem, but takes much longer to establish roots; lower stem might produce a few shoots; can wither down. E – not recommended;lower stem dies

    • Christa Büttner-Rohwer

      Multiplying succulents

    • Saussha Flint

      Garden project

    • Adela Cubillas

      multiplying your succulents. Added direct link to blog. (actually, all succulent plants, including African Violets, are easy to propagate)

    • Stacey Pierce

      Succulent propagation // Great Gardens Ideas //

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