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Yulia Brodskaya - Quilled Leaf - as only Yulia can do! - as shown by: ‪ Alysiane France ‬LE QUILLING FRANCAIS on FB

Awesome quilling

Quilling Me Softly

Butterfly #quiling

handmade-craft-ideas | Paper quilling or Paper Filigree instructions - Shaping your coils | Written instructions for following quilling shapes: Teardrop, Petal, Marquise (or eye), shaped marquise (or leaf), Half moon (or crescent), triangle, tulip, bunny ear (or shield), arrow (or dart), star, square, holly leaf, fringed flower, open heart. | Instructions: http://www.handmade-craft-ideas.com/paper-quilling-instructions.html#

WREATH IDEAS: Rake Wreath for fall! Love this it has a lot of possibilities.

NatiQuill Blog

Paper Snowflakes

Quilled card.

Quilling Cafe - Added by Maria Cvetanova on August 17, 2012 (Gorgeous Golden Fish!)

fall/autumn leaves

quilling leaf

ArtLife: Открытки/Cards


Gorgeous quilling art.

Amazing Paper Quilling Patterns and Designs - Life Chilli


Quilled Shadowbox Name -- So pretty