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Something's not right here.

Made In China fail is funny, another funny fail image. From the site of the fail pics check back for more funny posts

So I'm going to be Captain Obvious and state... Umm jump the little bar..

Funny pictures about Scurity Level ? Maximum, tagged with level, maximum, security posted in Gags

'You had one job' collection - DayLoL.com - Your Daily LoL and Entertainment!

'You had one job' collection all these things bother me!

if i put this outside the apartment i wonder how many people would actual do it...LOL

How To Fix A Missing Doorbell

Funny pictures about Door Bell Solution. Oh, and cool pics about Door Bell Solution. Also, Door Bell Solution photos.

People that are having a worse day than you. hahaha this is fantastic---so sad, but FANTASTIC!!!

Unless you're in one of these pictures. Then MOST of these people are having a much worse day than you. View "All of These People Are Having a Much Worse Day Than You Are" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

20 things Donald Trump looks like | The Poke

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You only had one job!!

Oh gosh the transformer xD xD But there is something right. canada is from America, America isn't just USA, America is our continent. not a country! That's why the bottle says "american pride"

Draw a butt on it first.

I do every time my parents go out to eat without me

But remember, someone is always having a worst day than you.

Your day could be worse. I'm not sure if the little boy at the zoo is the worst, or the donut with no frosting.

The lol on the sign looks like LOL

Drowning lol You had one job. I think the lol is supposed to be a person