Bacon, Eggs, and Cheese Breakfast Cups | Crescent rolls make this one of the best easy breakfast recipes, especially for busy mornings. You'll want to grab 'em and go!

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit Muffins

how to make bacon egg and cheese bites

Ham and Cheese Baked Egg Cups

delicious make ahead easy Bacon & Egg & toast breakfast muffins!

Bacon, egg & cheese "cupcakes"

Breakfast Ham Cups ~ I made this for my family and they were a hit ~ Preheat oven at 400, spray muffin/cupcake tin w/ pam, cook for 15min.(well done eggs) *scrambled egg takes less time to cook

Bacon, egg and cheese in a cresent roll. Mine didn't come out as pretty, but it tasted fantastic.

Toast and egg cups

Bacon and Egg Savory Cupcakes Recipe

Sausage & Cheese Bread - It's sausage balls made into a loaf! Make a sandwich with fried eggs between 2 slices

Recipe for Sausage Egg Boats - These egg boats are a new breakfast favorite because they literally take less than five minutes to prep. Sourdough baguettes filled with sausage, eggs and lots of cheese, baked until hot and toasty... so so good

Shredded hash browns and cheese nests baked until crispy topped with a baked eggs, crumbled bacon and more cheese. Served with chilled avocado slices.

Bacon 'N Egg Breakfast Pizza | @landolakesktchn

Easy Bacon & Egg Breakfast Bites.

Bacon Breakfast Cupcakes Recipe

bacon egg and cheese bites - super easy and crazy delicious

Bacon egg, cheese & biscuit casserole