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A little birds told me..placement Bird ear tattoo #small bird tattoo #tiny ear tattoo #dove ear tattoo #simple ear tattoo

Person's meaning behind the tattoo: "The spell actually means ‘I await for a protector” in Latin. In the Harry Potter itself, ‘Expecto Patronum” is used to repel Dementors. Dementor is the guard of the Azkaban prison, a dark creature that absorbs your joy and happiness. So, in other words, the spell is used to repel all the bad aura that wants to steal happiness. The unique thing about it is, if you want to cast the spell, you have to think of things that make you happy."

This is my own tattoo. I designed it with my grandmothers writing of the word love from and old birthday card, and a Quote from Harry Potter . in memory of Sally Susan Jones awesome-tattoos-props

"As an early birthday present to myself this last summer, I finally got the Harry Potter tattoo I’d been wanting for a while.  Underneath the footprints it says “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” in clear UV-reactive ink, meaning it only shows up under a black light. I only get to see the whole tattoo every once in a while, but it never gets old showing it off that way." This is probably the coolest tattoo I have ever seen!---- BADASS.

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