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    Annie Oakley, with a gun Buffalo Bill gave her, 1922

    MOONSHINERS (Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton was the embodiment of moonshiners of long ago, in Cocke County, Tennessee, identified as 1 of 4 “moonshine capitals of the world” producing “Mountain Spirits,” Mr. Sutton learned the family trade from his father, wasn’t illegal until after the Civil War)

    This is the last photograph of Buffalo Bill Cody, taken outside his doctor’s office, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, seven days before he died of kidney failure in Denver on January 10, 1917. - Courtesy Cowan's Auctions -

    Annie Oakley & Frank Butler: married in 1876 for 50 years. When she died he quit eating and died 18 days later.

    Annie Oakley. Put 6 holes in a playing card with a .22 from 90ft away. Watch out

    Cherokee Bill ... famous last words on the gallows, in response to the hangman's asking if he had any last words? Bill's reply, “Hell no, I came here to die, not to make a speech.”

    Annie Oakley

    Photo of Annie Oakley shooting over her back using a mirror to spot her target.---pretty cool.

    this photo is the atomic bomb

    Wyatt Earp in 1923, age 75

    Ma Barker and her Thompson gun in an undated picture of the legendary matriarch

    A rare image of Annie Oakley. Why rare? . . . In this beautiful photograph of Annie she's is not holding a gun!

    Shrek was based on a real man, named Maurice Tillet, pictured above. He was a wrestler who had a condition called acromegaly, colloquially known as gigantism. Tillet died in 1954. Some people believe Abraham Lincoln had the same condition.

    Teenage Bill Clinton meets JFK, 1963

    After parcel post service was introduced in 1913, at least two children were sent by the service. With stamps attached to their clothing, the children rode with railway and city carriers to their destination. The Postmaster General quickly issued a regulation forbidding the sending of children in the mail after hearing of those examples.

    Julia Child was an American spy during WWII for the Office of Strategic Services (precursor to CIA). #WWII #History. Nevertheless, she became a top secret researcher for the director of the OSS, the legendary William "Wild Bill" Donovan. And, later, she worked to reduce the threat of U-boats, the deadly Nazi submarines. Who would have guessed?

    Rarely seen photo of Lincoln (possibly by Preston Butler) made in May 1860, just after Lincoln clinched the nomination.

    William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, age nineteen, c. 1865. (Buffalo Bill Historical Center)

    Annie Oakley

    Annie Kenney, (1879 - 1953) Suffragette who spent three days in prison for daring to ask Churchill and Sir Edward Grey if they believed women should have the right to vote. Neither man replied.