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Off-Shore Power Boats ...XoXo

Planetsolar has completed its journey as the first solar powered boat to circle the world. The top of the catamaran is covered in a spread of photovoltaic panels and over 38,000 solar cells that fueled six blocks of massive lithium-ion batteries. Advanced engineering and science created a boat that uses marginally less energy than standard motorized boats of its size. An aerodynamic and energy efficient design makes the Planetsolar the new wave of aquatic engineering.

The 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster. A roadster with a V-12. Proportion of the car's snout is unbelievable. All engine.

Classic Wooden Yachts | ... collection of Beautiful Classic Boats, Yachts and Vintage River Boats

The Model T was the first mass produced car available to the general public. it didnt cost very much and was widely obtainable.

a rowboat big enough to accommodate several friends

1925 Case Model X.....last of it's kind...