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White Bull, a proud Minniconjou Sioux boy. The Sioux tribe that was near exterminated from history at Wounded Knee. Photograph taken 1913.

Standing Elk - Omaha – 1898

Red Cloud - Oglala - 1891 {Note: It is said that Red Cloud received his name because a red comet traveled through the sky in the year he was born, in 1822.}

Stump Horn Bull, 1888

Running Rabbit, half-length portrait, standing, facing front, holding a staff, c. 1900. Running rabbit was a chief of the Siksika First Nation in southern Alberta, Canada: Photo by Edward S. Curtis

Morning Star (Cheyenne: Vóóhéhéve, also known by his Lakota Sioux name Tamílapéšni, Dull Knife) (born c. 1810, died 1883), was a great chief of the Northern Cheyenne people during the 19th century. He was noted for his active resistance to Western expansion and the Federal government. It is due to the courage and determination of Morning Star and other Cheyenne leaders that the Northern Cheyenne still possess a homeland in their traditional country (present-day Montana). Wikipedia

Sitting Bull (1831-1890) -- On July 19, 1881, after four years of self-exile in Canada, Sitting Bull and his followers surrendered to U.S. officials at Fort Buford in what is now North Dakota and were placed on the nearby Standing Rock Indian reservation. Nine years later, during the Ghost Dance Movement, Indian police were sent to arrest Sitting Bull, who was accused of encouraging Indian rebellion.

San Juan - Mescalero Apache - no date

Ton-ka-wa man "Wild Cat". Photographed by: Henry S. Shuster, ca. 1865-72. Part of Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photography Collection. Series 2: Cartes de Visite.


Chief P.L. Miles & wife at Pamunkey Indian Reservation

Black Bull (aka Black Buffalo Bull) - Oglala – 1907

Quanah Parker, Comanche Indian Chief, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, holding feathers, in front of tepee. It was taken in between 1909 and 1932.

Native American Woman

Dakota Sioux

Dakota Sioux

Dakota Sioux

Dakota Sioux

Arapaho Indian

Arapaho American

Jonas White Bear - Nez Perce

Nez Perce man (French for 'pierced nose)

Sharp Nose - Arapaho chief - 1884