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using old makeup (eye shadow/blush) to color glue for craft projects!

Cold Porcelain #1: 1 cup pva glue (white glue like Elmer's Glue All); 1 cup cornstarch; 1 tablespoon mineral oil (babyoil); 1 tablespoon lemon juice, witchhazel, or clove oil (natural preservatives that help prevent mold) 1. Combine in pot. Don't use your good cookware for this because it can be hard to clean off. 2. Cook on low heat stirring constantly for 10 min or until dough forms + begins to come away from sides.

Fabric Bleach Art



heh.. COOL... art for the kids room? around the memory wall (done on canvas?)... interesting for sure!

DIY colorful envelop

Glue a string of craft pearls to frame and then paint/glaze

DIY Paper Marbling - so fun and so easy! This would make beautiful custom stationary. Follow me for DIY and decor ideas :)

MATERIALS Egg carton Scissors Paint Glue Glitter Small bells or beads Pipe cleaners Wreath form INSTRUCTIONS 1 With base of carton facing up cut flowers from between cups. Curl petals around fingers to shape. Poke a small hole in bottom to accommodate pipe cleaner 2 Paint flowers let dry Outline flowers with bead of glue sprinkle with glitter 3 Secure a bell or bead onto a pipe cleaner Thread pipe cleaner stem through flower base wrap stem around wreath form twisting to secure tig...

Prints made of glue and eye shadows?! Tutorial

watercolor over white crayon----Pre-school project??

Beautiful leaf project with the kids!

dip yarn in watered down glue and wrap around a balloon! pop it and there you go!

Permanent Marker Projects Love these marker tie dye socks!

Melted crayon art. With a glue gun, glue crayons in any order and colour of your imagination and melt with a blow dryer.


DIY :: Glue gun stencill