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Love this! and love her! I can't live without my dancing and family.(and food) people tell me and look at me like im a weirdo for liking dance. but, I DONT CARE! God made me for who I am. Not you. I am different for a reason. I love who I

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Lauren Conrad #Quote on Marriage. What's the rush? Dare to be different! Don't get caught up in the timeline!

Maddie used this because Penelope waits for 20 years for her husband to return, and I imagine something like this was going on in her mind when she thought of how long he was gone. And when he had returned and she had found out it as him, they had both cried because they knew after all this time they could be together again. Her husband was worth waiting for and they both truly appreciated each other a lot more as the had know how hard it was to go on without each other for a whole 20 years.