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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan - O'Keefe Flowers- 5 Tips that will help kids to draw BIG!

O'Keeffe Flowers lesson plan: Tell them the flower fell off right off the paper! This was such a cute suggestion! Students MUST touch all 4 sides of the paper with their objects Give several examples and non-examples of what is the right size and what isn’t Give students many different examples of TYPES of flowers to ensure variety Review the word OVERLAPPING and talk about how petals overlap

O’Keeffe Flowers (Get Kids to Draw BIG!): Free Lesson Plan Download | The Art of Ed is a website where you can upload children's artwork and then parents and others can view the art as an online gallery or purchase the artwork. Would be great for the Art Docent program or just for my daughter's artwork.

Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by kailee38 Georgia O'Keefe

Painted background first. Painted a paper plate for the center. Looked at real sunflowers for inspiration of how the petals overlapped...Created a flower of our dreams!

Red Snapdragons. Georgia O'Keeffe, 1923. Am I the only person who thinks it's a great idea to put up prints of great art in your kids room and not just "kid stuff"? Won't the colors and shapes be stimulating? Could it lead to a greater appreciation for and creativity with artistic endeavors? Who knows. I'm going to find out.

O'Keeffe--I love the 3-D element of this!

painting flowers in the style of Georgia O'Keefe

12/5 ...the art of Georgia O'Keefe. (This image picks up on the beautiful green color of the stone and the curves of the necklace chain. It's a floral gem.) I love this artist, and the history behind the work.

2nd Grade...O'Keefe flower fell off the paper must touch all four sides of the paper...must use overlapping and fill white space...

Age 6 drawing flowers Display the flowers on contrasting paper in a way that each one can be seen individually. Set out the drawing paper and black markers. Have available, but set aside, the watercolor markers.