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      Sumerian Stargate, The Alien in the Stargate

    • Daisy Petals

      This relief in the British Museum shows the Sumerian God Ninurta (also known by other names) in a Gateway (Stargate, Portal). His father was Enlil and his mother, Ninlil. Ninurta is very clearly using his index finger to push something on the wall. He wears two wrist devices, one used for time travel. The emblem around his neck matches the design of the Knights Templar.

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    Until today the Dogon depict some curious cravings in their crafts.

    Chang Woo Gow (c.1845-1893),;the Chinese Giant - Born in Pekin in 1841 grew to a height of 7'8.75" (235.5 cm). Billed as The Chinese Giant, he travelled the world, renowned for his intelligence and knowledge (he spoke six languages) as much as for his height. Chang Woo Gow finished his life the proprietor of a tea room and ‘Oriental Bazaar’ in Bournemouth, a resort on the south coast of England, where he was buried in 1893.

    Similarities just a coincidence??

    Space woman? Thousands of years ago.

    pre-dynastic period Egypt , around 4000 BC. This statue was found in Gebelein, south of Luxor.

    Arizona (USA): sighting of a Giant UFO hovering over Phoenix

    Ancient Aliens

    Priest Crespi and the Gold Artifacts of Ancient Civilizations of Babylon and Sumerians

    Advanced devices? time travel devices? Transfer New DNA Extract? New Gene? improve human DNA?!!

    ancient aliens technology

    Ancient statue of someone wearing a protective suite, with what appears to be high tech equipment...

    The Assyrians traversing a waterway with a breathing apparatus. Scuba

    Bronze Chains, Belly Dance, Bellydance Tribal, Coins Belts, Chains Dance Belts, Chains Coins, Tribal Gypsy, Antiques Bronze, Belts Bellydance

    The Neanderthals are very closely related to modern humans, differing in DNA by only 0.3%, which, however, is twice that of the widest DNA gap found among contemporary humans.

    Detail of a "Pārsa" (Persian) herald leading a delegation on the famous tribute bearers bas-relief decorating the southern panel of the eastern stairway of the Apadana, Darius the Great’s audience hall at Persepolis, one of the capital of the Achaemenian Persian Empire (515 BCE).

    The Oldest Known Dictionary: The Harra hubullu (aka the Urra=hubullu) The oldest known dictionary is on a series of cuneiform tablets from the Akkadian Empire with bilingual word lists in Sumerian and Akkadian. It was discovered in Ebla in modern Syria and dates from the early 2nd millennium BC

    Nimrud Palace Relief by Natascha Spargo on Flickr. Nimrud is an ancient Assyrian city located the Tigris river in modern Iraq, southeast of Mosul.

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    Teppe Yahya, 6000-9000 B.C. Kerman- Iran

    South African miners have found hundreds of these metallic spheres, which have three parallel grooves running around their equator. The spheres are 1-4 inches in diameter. The curator of the Klerksdorp Museum insists that they are a complete mystery. They appear to be man-made, yet at the time in Earth's history when they came to rest in this rock no intelligent life existed. The spheres have been found in a Precambrian mineral deposit said to be 2.8 billion-years-old!

    All have wings. All are wearing bracelets with a disc. All are carrying a pouch with handle in one hand, and thrusting a pine cone forward with the other. Note the mechanical looking musculature, the tassels, the fringed robes, the cigar shaped implements tucked into their sashes.

    Ancient Aliens Evidence | Ancient alien theorists believe that the Nazca lines of Peru are clear ...

    NASA Images Find 1,750,000 Year Old Man-Made Bridge

    THE ISTANBUL SHEM ROCKET-SHIP. Is this a replica (see photo) of an ancient single-seat rocket-ship? That’s what it looked like to the late Zecharia Sitchin, the leading authority and scholar on the Ancient Astronaut theory. Hidden away in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum in Turkey for a quarter of a century.