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  • Carol Ann Simmons Nance

    What Do LDS Women Get? Sheri Dew's answer when asked about how she feels being one of the "oppressed" women of the church. I've been looking for this since I saw her speak!!! This is so awesome share this with anyone that falsely believes Mormon women are oppressed. We are happy well ajusted people who are not worried about the world's misunderstood vision of us !! Not perfect and not Pollyanna happy but certainly not oppressed!

  • Adrienne Jensen Anderson

    What Do LDS Women Get? Sheri Dew's answer when asked about how she feels being one of the "oppressed" women of the LDS church.

  • Tonya Robertson

    What Do LDS Women Get? Sheri Dew's answer when asked about how she feels being one of the "oppressed" women of the church. I am grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

  • Ann Richardson
    Ann Richardson • 1 year ago

    Thank you Sister Sheri Dew for articulating what so many of us know in our hearts ... we are indeed BELOVED daughters of our Heavenly Father.

  • Cathy Pickren
    Cathy Pickren • 1 year ago

    i wonder why when women were fighting for the right to vote (politically) the church came out against it? it puzzles me to no end. just curious. i love this talk - LOVE her - i wish she would address that too. i'm sure there's an explanation.... i'd just like to be privy to it.

  • Ann Richardson
    Ann Richardson • 1 year ago

    I would need to see the documentation that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ever came out against the right for women to vote. From all that I have studied, the exact opposite happened. SEE: "Women's Suffrage--the right of women to vote--was won twice in Utah. It was granted first in 1870 by the territorial legislature but revoked by Congress in 1887 as part of a national effort to rid the territory of polygamy. It was restored in 1895, when the right to vote and hold office was written into the constitution of the new state. "In sharp contrast to the long fight for women's suffrage nationally, the vote came to Utah women in 1870 without any effort on their part. It had been promoted by a group of men who had left the Mormon church, the Godbeites, in their Utah Magazine, but to no immediate effect. At the same time, an unsuccessful effort to gain the vote for women in Utah territory had been launched in the East by antipolygamy forces; they were convinced that Utah women would vote to end plural marriage if given the chance. Brigham Young and others realized that giving Utah women the vote would not mean the end of polygamy, but it could change the predominant national image of Utah women as downtrodden and oppressed and could help to stem a tide of antipolygamy legislation by Congress. With no dissenting votes, the territorial legislature passed an act giving the vote (but not the right to hold office) to women on 10 February 1869. The act was signed two days later by the acting governor, S. A. Mann, and on 14 February, the first woman voter in the municipal election reportedly was Sarah Young, grandniece of Brigham Young. Utah thus became the second territory to give the vote to women; Wyoming had passed a women's suffrage act in 1869. No states permitted women to vote at the time."

  • Sharon Banta
    Sharon Banta • 1 year ago

    As always, Sister Dew is able to communicate the place we sisters hold in the living Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is an inspired speaker, but more than that, she is an inspiration to all of us, to do more, do it better, to be more in tune with our Heavenly Father through the gift of the Holy Ghost. We can receive revelation for our lives!

  • Gina Schneck
    Gina Schneck • 1 year ago

    The next time that anyone suggests women are oppressed in the LDS church, I am going to respond by asking why--if women are so oppressed--we were blessed with the power of creation. Yes, the Priesthood is vitally important, and we are each eternally blessed by its power, but I'm going to carry one of God's choice spirits; I am going to nourish it with my own spirit and blood and tears. And that is truly powerful.

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