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Mekenzi Cornwell
Mekenzi Cornwell • 27 weeks ago

What Do LDS Women Get? Sheri Dew's answer when asked about how she feels being one of the "oppressed" women of the church. I've been looking for this since I saw her speak!!!

  • N E Samuelson
    N E Samuelson • 26 weeks ago

    I really needed to hear this today. It gives me a place to stand as a woman of the gospel in these days.

  • Ines Seamons
    Ines Seamons • 26 weeks ago

    Right on, Sis. Dew!

  • Lani Richards
    Lani Richards • 26 weeks ago

    Women in our church organization find themselves serving, administering, leading and preaching and teaching to a greater extent than in any other church I have seen. Even the men are included and share their reponsibilities along side their women. We are at the center of all activities and even ordinances in our Temple devotions. If we had any more "priethood power" which seems to be so coveted in the minds of the world, we would be more than willing to share it with our spouses as they do with us. Women are co heirs and Priestesses in the Priesthood.

  • Cheryl Wilkey
    Cheryl Wilkey • 26 weeks ago

    Her addresses are always outstanding! One of my favorite LDS women. She is an awesome person. Love her.

  • Leanna Parks
    Leanna Parks • 26 weeks ago

    If I'm right I think this was at a TOFW, in Salt Lake, last fall-2012, maybe other's too? I saw this and loved it! Great Talk! Sisters that "think" we need to be ordained, #1-- Don't get the whole Church, and #2--Really need to see/hear this talk!

  • Carrie Jensen
    Carrie Jensen • 26 weeks ago

    Thanks you Sis. Dew - I have seen this video more than once - never tire of this uplifting talk. HUGS to you and all women!

  • Conni Madsen
    Conni Madsen • 26 weeks ago

    Love this, I am a totally happy woman in our church!

  • Laurel Marsh
    Laurel Marsh • 26 weeks ago

    I loved this talk and was glad to have found it, but I was saddened by some of the comments attached. We all come from very different backgrounds and while some things may come easily to certain individuals, they are a very real struggle for others. Geneva, thank you for adding perspective to the discussion. I am grateful to be a daughter of God.

  • Kathy Driggs
    Kathy Driggs • 26 weeks ago

    I absolutely LOVE this!! Thank you for sharing. It has hit the mark with questions that I have been approached with and is explained and expressed beautifully.

  • Sylvia Mckee
    Sylvia Mckee • 26 weeks ago

    AMEN!!! I am so thankful to be a woman and to have all these blessings, and so thankful for this reminder.

  • Kate Smibert
    Kate Smibert • 26 weeks ago

    This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Kathi Harnish Gadbury
    Kathi Harnish Gadbury • 26 weeks ago

    Thank you so much. So very much. There was never a doubt in my mind, but I know some struggle with this issue, and since I am not good with words, Shari, you have said the truth in a beautiful way. I will definitely pass this along.

  • Ranelle Curtis
    Ranelle Curtis • 26 weeks ago

    Thank you Sis. Dew for a beautiful explanation of the privilege & BLESSING it is to be a woman who belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

  • Suzanne Christensen Karren

    What an amazing woman Sherri Dew is!! She inspires me!! Thank you

  • Christine Williams
    Christine Williams • 26 weeks ago

    Thank you, Sister Dew!

  • Joy Klag
    Joy Klag • 26 weeks ago

    Excellent! Wish I could be that eloquent!

  • Debbie Halverson
    Debbie Halverson • 26 weeks ago

    Home run!! She nailed it as usual!

  • Tammy Brooks
    Tammy Brooks • 26 weeks ago

    What a wonderful talk!

  • Thea Kern
    Thea Kern • 26 weeks ago

    Wonderful. Simply wonderful!

  • Deon Bird
    Deon Bird • 26 weeks ago

    This is a great address.

  • Jenny Bricknell
    Jenny Bricknell • 26 weeks ago

    Absolutely so true!

  • Donna Johnson
    Donna Johnson • 26 weeks ago


  • Teena Castle
    Teena Castle • 26 weeks ago

    This is awesome. I teach tomorrow in Relief Society and this so fit the topic for me! thank you Sister Dew for your testimony and spirit!

  • Angelina Meyers
    Angelina Meyers • 26 weeks ago

    AMEN!! whoohoo..! thanks Sherri Dew..!

  • Marion Naylor
    Marion Naylor • 26 weeks ago

    Sister Dew tells it like it is! Those of us who have a problem with the Lord's plan for His children, male and female, I'm thinking also have a problem with their lack of self-esteem. Obedience is the key, who are we to question God's decisions, it's His gospel! As His daughters we are not undervalued by Him, nor by His church, we have our role to fill and men have their's. Kudos to Sherri Dew for stating it so clearly.

  • Natalie Kimble
    Natalie Kimble • 26 weeks ago

    This talk is just remarkable. So good. Geneva Wagner - I agree that we need to be careful not to judge those who have been through difficult experiences. It's all about loving as the Savior would, not judging or belittling

  • Nona Pace
    Nona Pace • 26 weeks ago

    Wonderful talk, Thank You !!

  • Robin Nest
    Robin Nest • 26 weeks ago

    Thank you.

  • Betsy Montoya
    Betsy Montoya • 26 weeks ago

    I am so grateful for the blessings my Heavenly Father gives me!

  • Carol Durgin
    Carol Durgin • 26 weeks ago

    Wonderful, Simplicity is best. It is easier for others to understand.Not so much to sort over at one time.

  • Marcy Knudsen
    Marcy Knudsen • 26 weeks ago

    Well said! I don't feel one bit oppressed as an LDS fact, just the opposite!

  • Beverly Dawson
    Beverly Dawson • 26 weeks ago

    Thanks, Nan, for sharing...I really enjoyed this.

  • Harold Takahashi
    Harold Takahashi • 26 weeks ago

    as a brother in the church (it seems all previous comments are sisters), may i say that i truly appreciate the many sisters that grasp the greatness of the gospel and are examples to all of true christian follow christ, you are called to serve, not called to follow christ, if someone wants to point their finger, well tell them about lehi and a dream...

  • Linda Sedlak
    Linda Sedlak • 26 weeks ago

    That's my girl. I love hearing her speak. She has this gift of speech to share with the world which is exactly why she has not married!!! She would be so utterly devoted to her husband and family she wouldn't have been able to give all she has to the women of the world. She is a GIANT among women esp. in the church!!❤️

  • Tammy Van Cleve
    Tammy Van Cleve • 26 weeks ago

    She rocks!

  • Linda Henderson
    Linda Henderson • 26 weeks ago

    What a privilege to stand as a witness of the things Sister Dew has said and very proud to be a women in the church.

  • Shaina-Sannie Mckay-Sala

    My dad always taught us that us LDS women are not oppressed but the exact opposite, he always made me feel that we were somehow even MORE important amazing and set apart from men LOL! Never once did I see my mom feel oppressed or my sisters or myself...because we choose to be mothers doesn't mean we are oppressed we are creating raising and helping the next generation of powerful humble women!

  • jane smith
    jane smith • 26 weeks ago

    where can I get a written copy of this?

  • Kira Barker
    Kira Barker • 26 weeks ago

    This is great!

  • Natalie Harl
    Natalie Harl • 26 weeks ago

    Love this!

  • Sarah Rayner Hancock
    Sarah Rayner Hancock • 26 weeks ago

    You find some of the best men in the world who adore their wives and women in general in this church. Men constantly give us credit as women in our church and respect for us as women is greater here than anywhere you can find in the world. Ladies who are true to their membership know that the man is nothing without the woman in priesthood.

  • Marjean Livingston
    Marjean Livingston • 25 weeks ago

    Magnificent! She speaks the absolute truth. The Holy Ghost she talked about witnesses that to me as I listened to her speak. Awesome!!

  • Rhonda Kaine
    Rhonda Kaine • 25 weeks ago

    No one says it like Sheri!

  • Shirley Bleakley
    Shirley Bleakley • 25 weeks ago

    A very inspirational speaker. I love to read or listen to her talks as she opens up more horizons. I wish we had such motivational speakers here in the UK.

  • Ann Richardson
    Ann Richardson • 25 weeks ago

    Thank you Sister Sheri Dew for articulating what so many of us know in our hearts ... we are indeed BELOVED daughters of our Heavenly Father.

  • Cathy Pickren
    Cathy Pickren • 25 weeks ago

    i wonder why when women were fighting for the right to vote (politically) the church came out against it? it puzzles me to no end. just curious. i love this talk - LOVE her - i wish she would address that too. i'm sure there's an explanation.... i'd just like to be privy to it.

  • Ann Richardson
    Ann Richardson • 25 weeks ago

    I would need to see the documentation that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ever came out against the right for women to vote. From all that I have studied, the exact opposite happened. SEE: "Women's Suffrage--the right of women to vote--was won twice in Utah. It was granted first in 1870 by the territorial legislature but revoked by Congress in 1887 as part of a national effort to rid the territory of polygamy. It was restored in 1895, when the right to vote and hold office was written into the constitution of the new state. "In sharp contrast to the long fight for women's suffrage nationally, the vote came to Utah women in 1870 without any effort on their part. It had been promoted by a group of men who had left the Mormon church, the Godbeites, in their Utah Magazine, but to no immediate effect. At the same time, an unsuccessful effort to gain the vote for women in Utah territory had been launched in the East by antipolygamy forces; they were convinced that Utah women would vote to end plural marriage if given the chance. Brigham Young and others realized that giving Utah women the vote would not mean the end of polygamy, but it could change the predominant national image of Utah women as downtrodden and oppressed and could help to stem a tide of antipolygamy legislation by Congress. With no dissenting votes, the territorial legislature passed an act giving the vote (but not the right to hold office) to women on 10 February 1869. The act was signed two days later by the acting governor, S. A. Mann, and on 14 February, the first woman voter in the municipal election reportedly was Sarah Young, grandniece of Brigham Young. Utah thus became the second territory to give the vote to women; Wyoming had passed a women's suffrage act in 1869. No states permitted women to vote at the time."

  • Sharon Banta
    Sharon Banta • 24 weeks ago

    As always, Sister Dew is able to communicate the place we sisters hold in the living Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is an inspired speaker, but more than that, she is an inspiration to all of us, to do more, do it better, to be more in tune with our Heavenly Father through the gift of the Holy Ghost. We can receive revelation for our lives!

  • Gina Schneck
    Gina Schneck • 18 weeks ago

    The next time that anyone suggests women are oppressed in the LDS church, I am going to respond by asking why--if women are so oppressed--we were blessed with the power of creation. Yes, the Priesthood is vitally important, and we are each eternally blessed by its power, but I'm going to carry one of God's choice spirits; I am going to nourish it with my own spirit and blood and tears. And that is truly powerful.

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