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Giving gum to a friend is like a drug deal. You didn't hear anything, see anything, and you didn't get it from me.

Really? I feel this way with movies and tv series too. Getting the end and having it be a horrible/it-doesn't-make-a-lick-of-sense ending. So I'm all like " why don't you try that again?" Them "........." Me "Try. That. Again." It never ends well :P


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haha. When I'm a mom, I'm going to let my child get away with it at least once in their lifetime, bc I remember how amazing that would've been!!

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Sucks when you are a perfectionist sometimes. Any body else rewrite and rewrite and throw away and rewrite a paper until it's perfect? Oh and no white out cause it messes with the perfect view. seriously tho... It's a blessing, and a curse.

HA!!!!!!! I'm so going to start my day like this from now on! Although my sis will probably say I've been doing this all along ;) @Kat Brannick