Tiny teacup chihuahua puppies :::: mnn.com "Psst. did you hear what the pug puppy did to the carpet. He hasn't learned yet." Lorr

Hahaha....true...he's actually quite like Wolveriine when he's 6'1 and a master of Tai Chi, etc.... =D

Lab puppy in a stocking! rescued pups are the best, but please make sure they really want a dog before you gift one! Too many pups are returned right after Christmas, not a good thing :(

House for trees House for Trees, a prototypical house within a tight budget of 156,000 USD, is an effort to change this situation. The aim of the project is to bring green space back into the city, accommodating high-density dwelling with big tropical trees. Five concrete boxes are designed as “pots” to plant trees on their tops. With thick soil layer, these pots also function as storm-water basins for detention and retention.

* * " Me decked a bear cub a helluva lots bigger den meez.He likes,towered over me. Glads he wuz just a kid."

German Shepherd pup

Due to a flaw in its DNA, this Commando Lizard reject is unable to distinguish his right hand from his left. Thus he is only able to count to five.


high five bunny chihuahua!

Bloodhound Pup

"High five!" Too cute!

Bull dog pups

One Chicago CityPass ($94) grants holders access to up to five attractions in addition to sweet perks (go ahead, skip the line). Interested? Here’s how we’d make the most of a weekend in Chicago with a pass.

I need to start a Mikey board...miss my boy.

Community service for teens is becoming a graduation requirement in most high schools. Here’s how to make that volunteer time really mean something to your child.

Oh my gosh, two of my favorites.

"It's not about you and me. It's about the Hawks," said the old lady sitting behind me as we collided with our crazy cheering at the 1st goal.

Sleepy Arctic Seal pup ✿⊱╮

#taichivegan Santam Gains Most in 6 Years as Rand Helps Curb Cost of Claims The friend who announces herself vegan at the beginning of the meal may not be alerted that the salad contains cheese and the veggie burger has yogurt. These are small things, but once Salvation Burger has figured them out, the restaurant should feel ... http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-18/santam-set-for-five-month-high-as-rand-helps-curb-cost-of-claims

Puppies kissing.