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Ahahaha Alfie is is so amazing I love him! If you havent look him up go, even if ur not a directioner

I just DIED laughing & I don't even like One Direction. #OneDirectioneers #FreakingCrazy

The only one in the entire school. Trust me. I have looked.

YESSSSSSSS. I hope he does too! bullying needs to stop. Plain and simple. Why would you ever want to purposefully make someone feel bad? you dont know them so quit judgeing. Some people over come their bullying and grow up to be great like Liam but for some its too much. Be the voice. Stop bullying. Okay im done ranting about bullying:)

I read this in a really serious voice and ended up laughing my head off but yeah In pretty much jealous of the air that they breath

I think every directioner can agree to the fact that we all need these. very bad.

I would even give up a toe...jk. But seriously anything that doesn't involve harm to me or my loved ones.

When he and his blond hair and perfect arms and chest hair looked like this in an American tank top. | 33 Times Niall Horan Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction

I was dying when he read Victoria's tweet. Zayn thought it was sooo funny. -, j'alyce

True. And can you guys try and get me to 1,000 followers? That mean the whole to meeeeee! Love you guys! Stay beautiful ! Xx

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