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  • Tania Valles

    Words cannot express how much I dont quotes

  • Shari Carr

    I should start using this phrase more when people tell me their life story

  • Kayla

    Its so true. Keep posting it makes me n my friends laugh cus it makes no sense. Its not called fake its called I don't like you anymore. End of story. Done with it. you ain't getting more of my time. I got better shit to do. Toodles!

  • Chase Dowling

    don't care #someecards #humor

  • Brittani Harris

    haha true story

  • Hayley

    Haha, so funny. And kind of bad. You should care!

  • Amy Stewart Proctor

    ecard** Oh so true!

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So true..especially when you are forced to get up at 5:30 in the morning -__-

  • Janet Taylor

    Especially on a cold rainy morning when I just wanna stay in bed!

  • Florence McArthur

    I have a quote beside my says everything gets easier with practice except getting up in the morning!

  • Cinnamon Chaisson

    my bedroom is the coldest room in the apartment, i hate getting up as the bed is toasty and the rest of the room is freezing

Story of my life!

I love waking up with you by my side. You turn dull moments into entertaining ones. You're always there for me. iPhone, I'd be lost without you.

My favorite thing about camping is when I don't. | Trips And Getaways Ecard |

We may have only been awake for a few hours but we could not agree more with this photo!

Yup! There are those whom are asleep, resting up for a busy day tomorrow. Then there's me... awake... wine-in-hand... pinning.

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Plus a put away button. Laundry takes up half my day!