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i dont know if all of these are true but they are pretty cool.

Harry Potter Facts pt1

Harry Potter Facts Part 7 - #7 got cut off, but it was about Nearly Headless Nick if you didn't figure it out yourself :)

I was most surprised that Narcissa Malfoy was not a death eater. I knew the rest of them weren't but I totally thought that she was.

  • Anjali Malik

    James was a Seeker, not a chaser. Harry's visit into Snape's memory shows him playing with a snitch! Also the trophy in the movie

Harry Potter Facts Part 2. Part 5: Part 4:

Had to repin, because I think it is neat. But fact #3 is WRONG. James Potter was in fact the seeker, because in Order of the Phoenix, when Harry looks in the pensive, he sees the memory of his father playing with a snitch that he stole from the quidditch shed. He kept letting the snitch get further and further and would catch it at the last minute, trying to impress Lily.

  • Mary Hale

    I agree, Justine, that's exactly what I thought when I was reading it!!! :)

  • Emmanuel J

    No, JKR said he was a chaser. He did have the snitch in the memory but he stole it. He just wanted to show off as you said to Lily. That is all.

  • Mary Turner

    No, James Potter was a chaser. He stole the snitch because he wanted to show it to Lily.

I love Harry Potter facts via 9GAG

Harry Potter facts

Anna Tschida Idk if you knew this but there's a harry potter marathon on. I felt this post was also fitting for the special occasion

Harry Potter facts, I wish the book series went on forever, it will be hard finding a series as good as this one, thank you J.K. Rowling!!!