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  • Gregory Guenther

    "Harry Potter" Characters In The Books Vs. The Movies It's funny because I always thought Alan Rickman was the perfect Snape and was the image of Snape in my head even before the movie. And yes, Hermione is a total babe in the movies!

  • Dana Cobb

    Harry Potter book vs. movie This is so true! Alan Rickman was exactly how I imagined Snape when I read the books

  • Zoe C

    Harry Potter book characters vs movie characters. Don't get me wrong, overall the movies did a great job in even half pleasing three fans, but inevitably some parts of the books has to be sacrificed. The producers couldn't just magically make the actors look identical to their book counterparts.

  • Annie Bea

    Harry Potter Book Vs Movie Characters Truth!

  • Paige Black

    Haha jk Rowling must of had Alan rickman in mind for Severus snape when writing the books lol

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