• Cassie Williams

    squeakland : home of squeak etoys, a media-rich authoring environment and visual programming system for teaching children coding.

  • Mary Stauffer

    squeakland : tutorials - squeak etoys.. used for teaching math and science concepts.. easier than Scratch.. can I use this for my collaborative stations? and gifted kids?

  • Kora Bongen

    Squeak Etoys: free visual programming tool for kids based on Smalltalk

  • Chris Fishpaw

    Etoy is a programming language for children

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Kids learn embroidery stitches with stitch cards you make.

Artistas - paper foldables

Online Maker Camp for teens. I wish I was a teen again!!

Paper airplane instructions.

Tons of vvery cool Color by number pages WOW

Teach kids to crochet.

Cardboard guitars and other homemade musical instruments.

www.KidsGeo.com where kids can learn geography through games. Part of the Kids Know It Network.

Awesome blog with activities and crafts with boys in mind (girls will enjoy lots of these things, too).

Cool the kids off with a homemade sprinkler. Take a 2 liter soda bottle, poke holes in it. Attach to a garden hose via a male to male adapter that cost less than $5 at Lowe's. Toss over a tree branch and let hang. You can adjust how the water sprinkles by adjusting the water flow. When the bottle gets stupid, just switch it out with another bottle, no additional cost! - Place kiddie pool beneath to save water for soaking plants, etc.

How to build a simple kite.

No Sew Crayon Wrap

Heart pattern friendship bracelets

Color Easter eggs with Kool-Aid - no vinegar, great smells!

Cool paper toys to print and make.

Make your own helmet with moving visor. We had so much fun with this!!

Domo Animate - kids can create animations. Some schools use this in "storyboarding" lessons.

Math Shark is a handheld math video game that includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. My kids actually play with this and have great math grades.

Doodle 4 Google Competition - the 2012 theme is "If I could travel in time, I'd visit .....". The winner's picture will be featured on the Google website. There's also stuff to win.

Monster corner bookmarks!!!!

Reuse envelopes by making corner bookmarks from them. Kids can make their own and as long as you have mail you will have an endless supply of bookmarks (you know, 'cause kids lose them). This craft is so easy and inexpensive, you can leave them in library books with messages or pictures for the next reader (no spoilers!).

RexlaceClub.com has great online and downloadable instructions for many ways to work rexlace (that plastic "string" you make key chains with at camp). Rexlace is a great inexpensive busy craft for the kids!

We had snow cones with real snow. Just don't use yellow snow. It has an odd flavor.

Little origami notes. These would be great to toss into lunch bags or for kids to make for their friends!

This lady is so overwhelmed by orders now that she has been posted on Pinterest. She takes kids' drawings and makes them into toys. I hope she is making a business of it and hiring employees to keep up with demand or somebody else is going to take her idea and run with it. It is a fantastic idea, after all.