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Funny Nurses Week Ecard: No, I will not rub your feet. I am a nurse, not a masseur. Can I interest you in a narcotic?

ER Humor-so true. At least quit talking about going to get Taco Bell when you leave here as I'm pushing the Dilaudid you convinced the doctor you needed for your abdominal pain... #ultrasonic

So true. Can sometimes happen within the first half-hour immediately after report. And the. The patient needs a good TIME-OUT!

Not sure if I'm in the urethra or the vagina. Nursing student problems. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Registered Nurses. RN. Fry meme.

Cartoon: Every mom, dad, sis, uncle believes they know better than the nurse... - About A Nurse - Nursing Cartoon Series Nursing Humor

Pt denies drugs and alcohol, yet tests positive for opiates and is over the legal limit of alcohol. And they think we won't find out. LOL RN's know everything!

When a patient's blood sugar is low enough that I don't have to cover it. Nurse humor. Nursing humor. Nursing school. Medical Surgical RN. Registered Nurse.