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The Kauffman Foundation's Mission: Helping people attain economic independence through education and entrepreneurship, which Ewing Kauffman saw as two ends of a continuum.

"I Have an Idea" - A public service announcement produced by the Kauffman Foundation reminds us of the power of innovative entrepreneurs whose energy and insights lead to breakthrough technologies, put people to work, renew our economy and advance social welfare. With entrepreneurship at the center of the global economic stage, our message is simple: an entrepreneur with an idea can change the world.

The Kauffman Foundation: Local Roots, National Impact, Global Reach. "Mr. K feels like a large oak tree. He keeps growing and the shade keeps getting bigger." ~Julia Irene Kauffman

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

Satellite eye on Earth: May 2012

Satellie Eye on Earth: The world's largest 'multi-developer' solar park, which is situated in Charanka in Northern Gujarat, India

The construction of the photovoltaic power industry since 2000 has required an enormous amount of energy, mostly from fossil fuels. The good news is that the clean electricity from all the installed solar panels has likely just surpassed the energy going into the industry's continued growth, Stanford researchers find.

MIT Newsfrom MIT News

In profile: Seeing the light

In profile: Seeing the light - MIT News Office