Chaddy wisdom teeth at home

I swear, this is the funniest video EVER! This kid broke his arm in a hockey game and they had to rebreak it so they gave him happy gas! I crack up everytime!!!!

Chaddy wisdom teeth car ride

funniest wisdom teeth video yet

"I feel funny. Why is this happening to me?... Is this gonna be forever?"

This is seriously the best wisdom teeth aftermath video I've ever seen

this has got to be the best wisdom teeth video so far. sooo long though! :( worth it though!

@Brooke Williford, here it is If you've had a bad day just click and sit back... HILARIOUS! Best 6 mins and 51 seconds ever

Two Men Get a Glimpse Into What Childbirth Feels Like [Video]

I laughed so hard. SO CUTE

Funniest Wisdom Teeth Video (Hannah Rose)

This is THE funniest six and a half minutes on the internet. Drew Carey laughed so hard he cried. Just watch it. My face hurt from laughing.

I don't know how the mom kept it together so nicely. I would've been laughing the whole time.

Ellen's Scare montage!

If you ever feel a little stupid, watch this and you'll feel better.

..amen..(I laughed so hard I snorted)

Baby wakes up to gangnam style. Funniest video ever!

Charlie bit my finger!

Shit Girls Say .. LOL!! this is so me