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  • Angela Stoner

    How to Understand, Identify & Engage with Social Influencers [Infographic] How to go from social media to social business - this article helps you to identify people and their ability to change behavior across social networks and how others can spread your message. Lots of great tips and suggestions! #socialbusiness #social-business #B2B #B2C #contentmarketing

  • Susan Chavez

    Nonprofit Social Media Influencer #infographic

  • Jen Evison

    Breaking down the 4 #socialmedia archetypes

  • 24k Media

    Breaking down the 4 social media archetypes #Infographic #socialmedia #influencer

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Selling Through Social Media To Close More Leads Intelligence Is Key #Social selling is about recognizing that the buying process is controlled by a better informed and more connected customer. While sales remain a relationship-driven business, the power of "who you know" is trumped by "what you know about who you know." #socialbusiness #B2B #B2C Curated by maxOz

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La killer application del 2012 è la capacità di individuare le conversazioni e i contenuti rilevanti tra i milioni di messaggi a cui ognuno di noi è esposto ogni ora.

I social media non rappresentano nulla di nuovo perché lo scopo di Internet è sempre stato di connettere, comunicare, condividere. [@copyblogger dixit]

Most Kids are Already Social Media Adults by the Age of 13 according to infographic from @teammarketingprofs. In 2012, parents have to be social media savvy to keep up with their kids.

The Rising Influence of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Click here to read more: socialmediatoday....

Strategy appears to be the name of the game...University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill profiles several successful grassroots and nonprofit campaigns, explain tactics that increase the impact of a message, and explore emerging trends in charitable giving and volunteering.