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Greatness. Probably have pinned this already but it doesn't change how much I love it!! ♥

This is the state of our fandom right now. It's what happens you have to wait two years for new episodes. But you know what, I kinda like it. Not the lack of episodes, but the...unabashed insanity of the fandom. lol.

Yes, yes, friends, it is I.

Different types of houses… except Matt Smith isn't so much a Ravenclaw as a Hufflepuff

The fresh TimeLord of Gallifrey! OH MY GOSH!!!!! I love this!!

Well that's depressing. Thanks, guys. Cant figure out who's face is more hurt!

Marvelous Mashup of all my boys' favourites! DoctorWho_Sherlock_LOTR_Hobbit_HarryPotter_Avengers, am I missing any???

So...Gallifrey is in Ireland? lol (How many times can I say it? I love the continuity of this show!! And over 50 years at that!)

  • Tabitha Ashburn

    Lmao I think Pinterest plays aling with time travel and Doctor Who bc look at the time of our comments

  • Francy van Lierop

    I'd love to know from which episodes the first twelve pictures came from. Or which Doctor era the second pics came from.

  • Lucy Quane

    Really? So Irish people are.... aliens? :p

  • Jocelin Jackson

    I don't know which episodes the first 12 pics are from, but they are definitely from the Tom Baker years.

  • Francy van Lierop

    Jocelin Yagel Jackson, Thanks

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Ahh! So true can't wait!!

18 months between seasons of 3 episodes. Don't talk to me about waiting a week, silly one.

Absolutely true! ~from 21 Tumblr Posts Hilariously Hijacked By Fandoms (Also a few other posts related to Doctor Who here)

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Day of the Doctor. That's right, so many more options are open now. The Time Lords can come back!!