know thyself

White Tattoos!

Everything happens for a reason in Latin


Sister tattoo <3

today is a gift.

Sister Tattoos... "Soror mea, amiga mea" My sister, My friend

dum spiro spero = latin phrase for ‘while i breathe, i hope’

Saro' li per te. "I'll be there for you" sibling tattoo

Love the placement

beautiful. Strong solid black floral #tattoo patterns #tattoo design #tattoo|

tattoo in latin, "she flies with her own wings"


simple sign language I love you tattoo, for my little brother <3

cross tattoo | Tumblr

Blessed tattoo I want to add it to the cross I have right there on my arm

feather tattoo

Baby's birthmark, mom's tattoo. - how original, and adorable!

blackbird <3

I like the style and the actual quote

its love.