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  • Blue Spirit

    sea life Moon jellyfish!!

  • Lisa Jackson

    underwater world

  • Aegitna

    ...magical deep sea world...

  • Shelby Albright Ballard

    my brain is just a jellyfish in the ocean of my head...

  • Kellena M Harrington

    Dave Patrick Jellyfish at the Albuquerque Aquarium. This looks almost exactly as it did when shot. So color accurate. His website link is no longer good. This photo was taken on May 31, 2009 using a Nikon D90.

  • AllieBoo Brinegar

    Jelly fish or Jellyfish...

  • infinityflips_xx

    Jellyfish or jellies are typified as free-swimming marine animals consisting of a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. The bell can pulsate for locomotion, while stinging tentacles can be used to capture prey. Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea & a few inhabit freshwater. Jellyfish have roamed the seas for at least 500 million years, and possibly 700 million years or more, making them the oldest multi-organ animal

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Jellyfish taken at Quays site, Ras Mohamed Park, Egypt by Nikki van Veelen via Flickr

Rhizostoma pulmo, also known as the barrell jellyfish. (Photo credit: Rai Fernandez)

Blue Azul Blau by Bryan de Leon, via Flickr repinned by

Spotted Dancing Jellyfish, with translucent browny-colour top with white dots. Whitish-grey tentacles. Taken at the Berlin zoo, Germany.

Onze Zoomeravonden animaties gaan over de dierentuin, En een gedeelte daarvan speelt zich af in een aquarium. Daarom hebben we onderzoek gedaan naar vissen, kwallen, aquariums etc. pink fo sho. taken by pixelmama

Tiger anemone - not a jellyfish, but it is definitely cool

massive jellyfish. Got to figure out how to make a jelly costume for Halloween for D!

When I was little I picked one of these up because I didn't now what it was! It never stung me

✿ Jellyfish, in Sea Life Oberhausen ~ by Sven Seiler ✿

Rhizostoma pulmo, also known as the Barrel jellyfish, or the Dustbin-lid jellyfish. It is the largest jellyfish found in British waters.