Harry Potter in 99 Seconds. so great @Andrea Hale

Harry Potter ~ How it should have ended. hahaha

When they thought that maybe Harry wasn’t actually very smart.

LOL! // "Harry Potter" Characters Saying The Words To Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together" Is Everything You Need - BuzzFeed // #Harry Potter #Taylor Swift

▶ Honest Trailers - Harry Potter - YouTube

Harry Potter theme with glasses. Unreal. AMAZING!

"Harry Potter vs. Star Wars" This is awesome!! LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!

If Harry Potter was a teen comedy. BRILLIANT.

"How Hogwarts was Founded. Oh my GOSH. IM DYING. SALAZAR IS THE BEST THING EVER." I will watch this later.

LITERAL Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer Parody HD

Harry Potter cast having fun! Mainly awesome because Dumbledore breaks it down. And the MIKA song!

wonderings with werewolves harry potter

Harry Potter in 99 seconds.

Harry Potter ecard. Teehee.

Harry Potter Video

Harry Potter

LOVE THIS!! A Dreamworks animator shows what would happen in Harry Potter’s world if the spells didn’t go as planned. Prepare to die of laughter.

Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling goes Beyond the Epilogue and ties up all the loose ends.

Gangsta Harry