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I cant believe you just made that assumption.

Psych line from "Black and Tan. My name is Black. His name is Tan. I can't believe you just made that assumption; you should be ashamed of yourself. and your family.

I'm gonna ask you to be respectful here. Shawn: I will politely decline. / psych

I'm gonna ask you to be respectful here. I will politely decline. Shawn, Henry and Gus Psych

I'm gonna miss Psych :'(

Shawn proposing to Juliet! Ahahah crying so hard at this point! Psych Shules <<< And then the ring gets stolen.

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Gus, don't be exactly one half of an eleven pound black forest ham! IM DYING XD

ha.ha.ha.ha. their faces.

Psych Season Three Episode Any Given Friday Night at Central

This could possibly be a good movie. Especially if Shawn and Gus made it.

" 'Over Our Heads' - Great title for a movie about two short guys who pretend to be one tall guy in order to get a basketball scholarship." I love Shawn Spencer . too bad he's fictitious.

The iconic "You heard what they did to Pluto? That's messed up!" Line

Wake up! They just made Pluto a planet again! You were always a planet to me Pluto." Pluto IS my favorite planet!

Psych - Molten Lava Chicken

bahaha, "Gus and Sean try Indian Food"--Psych