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The Wee Boxwood Tree / 2

A super cute mini garden idea. Probably great for balconies or for Peterson Peterson Gin new back yard!

Step by Step Instructions on how to build a wee garden. From the Neighborhood Nest

The Wee Garden: It’s the little things...

The Wee Garden: It’s the little things.

#8: How to Remove a Tree Stump Painlessly. Save time and labor (as well your back) with this stump removal method.

How to Remove a Tree Stump. How to Remove a Tree Stump Painlessly Use potassium nitrate stump remover to decompose old stumps.

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Collonade apple trees are the perfect fit for the patio container garden, urban farmer or renter. Will have to try this!

Boxwood is very easy to propagate. In the spring, take stem cuttings, 6 inches in length, and remove the lower inch of leaves. For best effect, group five to seven stems together, as pictured, to resemble an entire plant.  Plunge this group into soil that has been amended with copious quantities of peat moss or leaf mold.  Pack the soil firmly around the stems. Keep the cuttings moist, and you will have new, rooted plants in about six weeks...

Propagate boxwood - take stem cuttings in length and remove lower inch of leaves. Plunge into soil that has been amended with lots of peat moss or leaf mold. Keep cuttings moist. In 6 weeks, you have rooted plants.

Newport Plum: Not only is the Newport a remarkably beautiful tree, it’s also the hardiest and most reliable of the purple-leaf plums!     This is a fantastic showpiece tree for those limited spaces, such as patios or small front yards.     The deciduous Newport grows in an attractive round form. White to light pink flowers bloom in spring, followed by lush dark purple foliage that deepens throughout the summer.     Climate is not an issue for the Newport – it stands up even to extreme…

Newport Flowering Plum

Beautiful Flowers add Color to Your Landscape - Pretty Newport Flowering Plum