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Fibonacci Mathematics even in seeds ~ From galaxies to shells, to a spiral seed


Spider glory. I was torn between this being in photography and my happy places...cause this is just beautiful.

Spiral Staircase

Optical illusion

Created as part of Rafael Araujo's Calculations series, Nautilus brings the logarithmic spirals of the famous cephalopod swirling to life in a precise field of three-dimensional space. #colossal

Golden Ratio Stairs

Universal geometry - the golden ratio in nature

Hurricane Fibonacci. Golden Ratio


Fibonacci ~

Great optical illusion ♥

spiral staircase

Fibonacci_Spiral_Art ~ love the overlapped spirals .....

New Optical Illusion Skull Portraits by Tom French.

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“FIBONACCI OR GOLDEN SPIRAL + some little details - Just finished this one, now I can go to sleep ”