Carnations, pearls and Phi Mu Girls! This is adorable. #PM

Phi Mu Bangle (Pink)

Sigma Kappa will always hold the best memories for me.

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so true <3 phi mu

screen print?

The only sisters I've known <3

Phi Mu girls :)

there are 3 things in life a girl needs Love to make her weak, Alcohol to make her strong, and Sisters when both make her hit the floor

phi mu :) @Frances Greene@Kendall Walsh @Kara Zimmerman @Kayla Herring @Mariel Oweida

Phi Mu Little <3

pretty in pink, perfect in pearls, everyone loves a gamma phi girl 11 by 14 canvas perfect for any gamma phi beta sister!

My sorority also made me realize that you can't trust anyone. That people you thought were your best friends were only situational friends. And that heart ache and disappointment are part of life. With out those lessons that I learned I wouldn't be this strong or knowledgeable about human nature and how unkind they really are. It sounds harsh, but it's more real life then the delusions that I thought was 'real life' in college.

greek life <3

Phi Mu

Phi Mu

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I want them! ~ yes for screen print!

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