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Doing nice things for others is a good way to increase happiness. People can find ways to help caregivers at the same time making yourself happy. Here are 4 suggestions for ways that caregivers can find personal happiness through supporting one another.


Strategy to Find Caregiver Support: Play to People’s Strengths

Learn how to find caregiver support by asking friends and family for help in ways that play to their strengths.


More Than a Caregiver: Re-Define Your Role, Reclaim Your Identity

A guest post by Cindi Schultz, CEO & Founder of two companies: Foothold Services, "Cleaning up content messes for clients worldwide since and My Foothold, "Inspiration for women who want to take charge and improve their lives."   NIKE. COKE. MAILCHIMP. F


Caregiver Tip #18: Have A List Ready

Caregiver Tip: “When people ask what they can do, have a list ready or you won’t remember. Cook a dinner, do an errand, give you a break away from caregiving, ETC.” -Christine Sotmary


New Beginnings Are Possible for Caregivers

Can a longtime caregiver ever really start over? Are new beginnings possible for people who are looking after aging loved ones, or does life just become an endless cycle of stress?

from Modern Mrs. Darcy

Let's talk about highly sensitive people

Could you (or one of your kids) be a highly sensitive person? All about what that really means and how it can help us understand ourselves and others better.

from Alzheimer Reading Room

Why People with Dementia Switch Back to the Past

And therein you find the grace to unconditional love. Meet them where they are and just love them no matter what.