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So, I brought you some flowers...

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Gus... by Jeremy Cram, via 500px The best of two worlds, dogs and flowers


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Patricia Lyons

Photo Patricia

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Flower doggy! (My dog won't know what's she's in for, lol) Though a more budget-friendly idea would be to attach edible herbs/flowers to her usual collar instead of ordering a wreath.

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Where's my comb? by Zoran Milutinovic on 500px Bad hair day :)- My neighbor's funny dog, he is very curios fellow.-

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A flower for mama

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smell the flowers; even little lambs do <3

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Flower girl!

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Flowers and a puppy :)

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So Cute! I had a Jack Russell that was crazy for bubbles, she never waited for the bubble to come down to her. I even had a bubble machine for her. Loved that dog!

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Tracey Ayton

Frankie & the ice cream cone: "No one will notice if I just take a little lick, lick... ummm nom nom..." #Photography by Tracey Ayton #Dog #animals #ice_cream #dessert #humor

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A black, tan and white Shiba Inu puppy. Gimme gimme!!! here to find out more Animals, Dogs, Tan Shiba, Pet, Puppys, Shiba Inus, Baby, Shibainu

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Banded Mountain Terrier - A newly developing breed. Actually a Jack Russell crossed with a Lakeland Terrier.

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<3 #dog #photography

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Friday Fun Best of the Web: Taking Pet Photos. For pet pics you’ll fall head over paws over, check out these tips from some of our favorite sharp-shooting shutterbugs:

The Berryfrom The Berry

Morning coffee (39 photos)

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Sometimes you just got to stop and smell the flowers! :) Golden retriever puppy smelling a pink tulip.

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Dogs: Jack Russel puppy