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Agave vilmoriniana "Octopus Agave"

Piece of Eden: Succulent Tapestry

Colorful dry garden

Persicaria affinis 'Superba'

Persicaria affinis ‘Dimity’

Persicaria affinis

Tanacetum densum ssp. amani -- for the gravel garden

Astelia nivicola 'Red Gem'

How to rercreate beth chatto's gravel garden

Agastache 'Heatwave'

Great drought-tolerant wildflower, Ruellia humilis, wild petunia

Rosa glauca

Beautiful Garden

Zauschneria arizonica/Hardy Hummingbird Trumpet -- puts on an extravagant display of red-orange flowers. It thrives planted in front of hot south and west facing walls and walks, in areas that might fry less heat loving plants. Plant in well-drained soil, not too much clay. Hummingbird Trumpet appreciates regular watering the first year or two, particularly during dry winters, to help get it well established.


Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Gracilis’ -- An elegant and beautiful large columnar shrub to small evergreen tree, the slender Hinoki cypress is a great choice for small gardens. It will become a narrow pillar with lovely layered fan-like branches densely radiating from the main trunk. It is slower and more compact than typical Hinoki cypress and matures more gracefully.

Tulipa - Tinka

Tulipa - praestans 'Shogun'

Tulipa - Lady Jane

Tulipa - humilis 'Alba Coerulea Oculata'

Tulipa - Ancilla

Tulipa clusiana var. stellata

Woolly Thyme is so beautiful and it spreads like crazy. Does well in the cold and summer sun up here in the NW Washington.

1. Climbing Aloe - aloe ciliaris 2. Graptoveria 'Debbie' 3. 'Alpenglow' 'Vera Higgins' - Graptosedum 4. Aloe Pinto 5. Rainbow Bush or Elephant Bush - Portulacaria afra 'Variegata' 6. Golden Sedum - Sedum adolphii 7. String of Buttons - Crassula perforata 8. Peperomia - Peperomia ferreyrae