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    • Cathy Setter

      Magnetic Poetry Magnetic Poetry Writer's Remedy $11.20 Writer's block have you all stopped up? Try the gentle relief of Writer's Remedy, from the makers of Magnetic Poetry. Simply apply these word magnets to your refrigerator door, or any other steel surface, and feel the liberating effects immediately. Features over 300 writers words like electric, confess, muse, and whisper. $11.20

    • Living Doll May

      "Magnetic Poetry Writer's Remedy" Use any magnetic surface with these 300+ magnetic literary words to help inspire your creative writing muse.

    • Katrien Verbeeren

      Magnetic Poetry Magnetic Poetry Writer's Remedy Magnetic Poetry

    • Dakota Rebel

      Gift Idea: Magnetic Poetry Magnetic Poetry Writer's Remedy - ME

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    Fujifilm Instax MINI 7s White Instant Film Camera. Pretty dang cool and only $62.90 on Amazon!

    Armor for animals

    neat bed!!!

    "Writing is Re-Writing" aluminum ring with copper rivet. This is a cool, unique gift for the author in your life. The work has just begun once you write "The End".

    Magnetic Poetry Magnetic Poetry Writer's, fun gift for the writer in your life.

    The F-Bomb Paperweight! Don't drop this F-Bomb, you might crush your foot!. Awesome gift for the writer in your life.

    How do I know I'm a geek? Well this making me drool is one fiending this 4"x4" awesome mini pc!!!!

    You have GOT to love Russian tech nowadays! but seriously what kid wouldn't LOVE this!?

    So cool, George Lucas had to sue them!

    Samsung has gotten official, announcing the newest member of its Galaxy line, the Galaxy S III. so sweet! I can't wait to upgrade!!

    Make a little birdhouse in your soul...

    Yup. I am going to get this. lol

    Now THIS is geeky. The geek who thought this up was just deranged. I mean wow, The sad part? I'd totally wear these (in the privacy of my own home) and write the next Great American Novel. :)

    One of the coolest Kickstart ideas' partly due to the nature of the device requiring you enter in a remote access code to turn the alarm off and partly due to the ingenious use of Soviet-Era Nixie Vacuum tubes! Very, very Geektastic!

    Simple and installs in a regular wall socket bracket. Just take out the old one and replace with the new! Cheap too! $24.95!

    The '50s Style Breakfast Toaster & Griddle is a fun and convenient way to make a variety of quick and delicious meals. The unit has two slots for toasting bread, buns, bagels and more. Grill pancakes, sausages, patties or eggs on the flip down griddle while your bread is toasting. With the '50s Style Breakfast Toaster & Griddle, simple meals are ready in minutes! Retro-awesome!

    The only way a self-respecting geek should be drinking or sharing coffee in the morning!!

    Love coffee but the act of stirring in your cream and sugar wears out your XBOX trigger finger? Get the Stirring Mug! It only holds 12oz, but with a quick press of the button on the handle, your coffee along with any additions will quickly blend without contributing more plastic to the landfill or wasting wood. The same motor that stirs your coffee can also mix the soap and water to quickly wash the mug. It's not expensive and this device seems like a fun gadget to, at least, amuse your friends…and yourself. Especially if you regularly add Baileys or Kahlua in your beverage!! Only $17.99!

    The greatest breakthrough in YEARS...yes, YEARS for photography! This is the Lytro Light Field Camera and it allows you to perform "magic". Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, the Lytro camera captures the entire light field, which is all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space. Utilizing a single button, this camera instantly captures complete light field data, giving you capabilities you've never had in a regular camera. Since the camera captures the color, intensity, and direction of all the light in a field of vision, you can experience the first major light field capability - focusing AFTER the fact. Focus and re-focus, anywhere in the picture. No lie. You can even post a photo and allow your friends to focus on whatever they want to focus on within the picture! And focusing after the fact, means no auto-focus motor. No auto-focus motor means no shutter delay. You will never MISS another photographic opportunity. The camera boasts an 8x optical zoom with a constant f/2 aperture and is made of extruded anodized aluminum with a shutter button placed at the device's center of gravity. On the reverse side of the lense is an intuitive multi-touch screen and all this in less than 8oz!! Very cool device and amazing technology. 8GB versions in Graphite and Electric Blue retail for $399 and a 16GB Red version sells for $499. Pre-order one now, if you can. While visiting the manufacturer's website at, click on "Picture Galley" and experience the future: Living Pictures.

    The brand new (CES 2012) wireless Turtle Shell boom box, a Bluetooth-powered speaker with rock-star sound, IP5X durability, and a built-in tripod mount. Everyone loves gathering around a campfire listening to someone strum an acoustic guitar, but lugging that delicate instrument through nature is cumbersome, and why should only one person get to choose the music? It has a built-in microphone and is water resistant. Using a Joby GorillaPod, as it was presented at CES, one could mount this device on the handlebars of their bike, or you can tether a carbiner clip to the steel loop under the Shell. There are 8 colors for the Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell Bluetooth speaker and it will sell for $129.95 in early May, 2012. Pretty cool!